YUF's medical wing

Preparing for Blood Test

Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have. Health care not only includes treating any disease or injury but also includes sanitation, personal hygiene and well being of an individual in all aspects. It is necessary that Every citizen should have Access to health care.


With the immense population, major drawbacks are seen in medical assistance especially in rural areas. Many people  with financial hardships are impotent to seek aid. Our medical wing helps the deprived and needy with medical treatments and basic necessities. About 1500 blood donors are are available in case of emergencies and requirements. We have an active team of around 200 members all across Odisha, to help in case of emergency.


We also promote awareness about sanitation, health and hygiene and educate people about medical care, new diseases, mental illness, do ‘s and  dont's etc. This is our small effort to The objective of Healthy City following the aim of healthy nation.





blood donors