Our society has been going great guns nowadays. In this apparently burgeoning society, we increasingly come across exponential cases of abuse and assault, mainly sexual. Sexual assault means illegal sexual contact that usually involves force upon a person without consent or is inflicted upon a person who is incapable of giving consent.
As heterogeneous our society is, giving rise to myriad outlooks and perspectives, being a victim of sexual assault is not something which can be synonymous with a taboo.

So many people are overwrought to share their experiences regarding this nefarious and heinous act just because the execrable part of the society resorts to labelling victims as defiled and alloyed and everyone keeps endorsing this. This increases a victim's consternation to share their feelings. Pusillanimous victims are not able to stand up for themselves. Suppressing vexatious and traumatic experiences can cause trepidation, lack of equilibrium of one's emotional state, diminishing mental health, disquietude etc. Seeking help is not something one has to ashamed of. Everyone has the right to be exuberant.

And, we are here to educate, listen, help and make sure that you stay strong.

With the help of Yuva Utkal Foundation, this initiative called ‘YOURVOICE YUF’ has been started. We will conduct teaching sessions with children from remote areas to renowned schools. Our sessions will include the meaning of sexual harrassment, our experiences, how to recognise sexual assault, difference between good and bad touch, how and whom to reach out etc.

So many of us were helpless when we experienced sexual assault and we know how egregious it is. So, saving atleast one life from assault would make us extremely happy.