Natural Disasters Relief Campaign

Hurricane Damage

With extreme climate change becoming a solemn reality of the present, the world is indeed on the verge of a global climate crisis. Consequently, we are now being faced with more natural calamities than before. Cyclones, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc. have hit mankind leaving little room for recuperation. Despite the preparedness of the government, these disasters don’t leave people unscathed, causing mass destruction of life and property. In these testing times, every little contribution can act as a balm for the sore.


In the last few years, Odisha has witnessed an unprecedented increase in the emergence of cyclones, floods, and other natural disasters. The preparedness of the Odisha Government is indeed commendable and YUF has tried to contribute to the cause in the same spirits through its Natural Disasters Relief Campaign. The YUF team members and volunteers distribute food, groceries, medical and sanitary supplies in the disaster-ridden areas. During cyclone Fani, the team had provided relief to two villages with a combined population of about 4000 people and helped in their rehabilitation after the disaster.


The YUF Natural Disasters Relief Campaign constantly monitors its preparedness to face natural calamities and helps people to its best possible ability on the face of a disaster.